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Why does my toilet run all the time?

1. Check  that the rubber flapper is not worn . Over the years, chemicals in the water may ruin it.

2. The   valve may have dirt on it or worn.

3. The float might be stuck in the open  position.

Why do my new taps and the shower have  low water pressure?
You may have low flow taps" restricting the flow of water through the faucet  in order to save on water .

Why is my   toilet bubbling  ?
The line may have a partial blockage. Clogged bath tub. Shower drain.

What should I not throw down the garbage disposal?

Anything that swells like  rice  pasta,  etc. You should also use common sense and not place any objects that might break  the blades of your garbage disposal. You can also keep your garbage disposal clean by throwing  lime peels in it.

We do not have as much hot water as we used to have. What could cause this?

If you have an electric water heater,   is usually a sign that one of the heating elements is burnt out. This is easily fixed  To make sure this is the problem, you should have it diagnosed by a professional plumbing contractor. Do not try to open the electric terminal panel on your hot water heater. Leave this to a plumbing contractor.

I just installed a new water heater but the water is not as hot as it used to be. What is happening with my new water heater ?

All new water heaters sent by the factory at a   temperature of  120 degrees .You may need adjusting. of your water heater. Drain snake. Drain repair.

Do tankless water heaters really deliver unlimited hot water ?

Yes, because they “flash heat” the water (in as little as 5 seconds) when you turn the hot water tap. That is when the tank starts to heat water. They can save you up to 50% on your water utility bills and protect the environment as well. They work best with natural gas or propane. Learn more about tankless water heaters.

A plumber  told me to drain my water heater once a year . Why should i do this ?

You should drain your heater at least once a year to prevent build up of sediment, calcium and magnesium.   Servicing it could make your water heater last years longer and save you money on the water bill. Drain pipe.

How do I size my water heater.

Call our plumbing service office to speak to one of our plumbers for help with sizing water heaters.

My water bill is higher than usual. Do you think I have a leak in my plumbing system ?
Relocating drain and sewer pipe.
You may have a leak, a running tap or toilet. Check your last 3 months water bills. If you have a  leak the amount of water used will be easy to find from the increase in consumption.  Sewer drain cleaning.

Is a snake a good way to clean a drain ?
Not always, sometimes it could damage weak plumbing pipes.

When can I use the sink or tub after cleaning with chemicals ?
Depends on product. But, rinse carefully after using any kind of drain cleaning chemicals.

Why does my water pressure flucuate by going  up and down all the time ?.
You may have a severe plumbing problem call one of our plumbers for advice with water pressure, we service all over Toronto.

What is a Reverse Osmosis ?
Reverse Osmosis is a Water filtration system that removes contaminants.

Plumbing services from licensed plumbing contractor for clogged drains showers sinks and sewer pipes.

There is a loud banging on my plumbing pipes is this bad for my system ?

Yes, it can weaken joints .The piping could break and cause a water flood.

Industrial and commercial plumbers for drains sinks showers toilets bathroom clogged sinks and drain service.
Why did my Toilet Bowl go Dry?

Their are a couple answers to this question, but this solution fixes it 99% of the time. Poor venting or no venting of the fixture. Vents allow for air flow to the toilet sewage system. Without the vent, air pockets form in the waste branches witch can cause what is called back-siphonage. The air in the system which, without a vent, can only escape through the sewer. It can pull the water in the trap of the toilet with it.

How do you get the Water to Stop Filling up the toilet Tank ?

If the fill valve has been replaced  it is possible that it has been set too high. If the fill valve is old, it could do you no harm to replace it. Sometimes the shaft or wire that is used to set the level, corrodes off. By replacing it your problem should be fixed.

Why is it my old water heater does not work as well as it used to ?


This is usually due to a sediment build up in your tank. As water heaters grow older, they accumulate sediment and lime deposits. If these deposits are not removed periodically, the sediment will create a barrier between the burner and the water, greatly reducing the water heater's performance level. The result is an increase in the amount of fuel required to deliver hot water. Serving may help.